5 Simple Tips To Care for Your Work Out Clothes

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Do you work out?

Most of us do. But not all of us realize how important it is to care for our workout clothes. They need to be properly taken care of, just as we care for our jeans, gowns and all.

We also fail to realize that the way our outfit looks and its quality affects the performance of workout to a really large extent.

Whether it’s the part of boosting your confidence, looking good, preventing muscle pains, heatstroke or see everyone outperform you.

You work hard to stay in shape, so it’s important that your workout clothes do the same.

A lot of activewear today is made up of technical fabrics that take moisture away from the body so you can stay cool up to the last rep.

These diligent yet delicate materials require special care to get them clean and ensure they last for many more workouts.

Here’s how to care for your workout so that it’s ready for your next workout session.


Read first

work out clothes labels

Always check the care and content label for information on how to care for your clothing. It is a permanent label or tag, containing regular care information and instructions, that is attached or affixed in such a manner that it will not become separated from the product and will remain legible during the useful life of the product.





air your workout clothesAir Out Your Gym Clothes

After your workout, air dry your gym clothes by hanging them outside.

Never let your sweaty tank top stay crumpled in the depths of your gym bag.

Not only is this one smelly mistake, but keeping a sweaty garment trapped in a bag or laundry basket for a long period of time can breed mold and mildew, it can give it a long-lasting dour, no matter how hard you wash.



Separate and wash like with likeworkout clothes

You’ve likely mastered the art of separating lights and dark, so let’s take it one step further by separating your workout gear so that you’re washing like fabrics together. Mixing and washing synthetics and cotton together can cause abrasion, resulting in greater wear and tear on your workout clothes. Also, refrain from throwing in your dirty gym towel with your gym gear as the cotton fluff from the towel can cling to nylon and spandex. The same goes for anything with zippers or velcro, which can cause friction against delicate workout fabrics.

Turn items inside out

inside out clothTurning your clothing inside out before washing will protect your clothing’s outer surfaces and allow detergent to tackle soils head-on.

The benefits of washing clothes inside out are :
1) The garment goes through all the wear & tear of washing on the inner side & does not affect the look (outside) – the same garment when dried in open (under the sun) in most countries fades – that fading is also on the inner side: leaving the outer surface intact.

2) All the buttons, rivets, sequins etc on the face of the garment do not undergo the grind of washing be it hand wash or machine wash.

3) Especially in hand wash the hot spots of dirt like collars/cuffs get a good scrub during the washing process & this helps in better cleaning of these areas since the dirt in these areas is stubborn & does not leave the garment easily.


Use less laundry detergent

detergentIt may be tempting to put in more detergent to get the sweat smell out, but it’s better to use three-quarters of what you’d use for a normal load as the extra detergent can cling to your workout clothes.




Follow these simple tips and have long-lasting workout wear that will last!

At speedwash, we take special care of your sports wears and work out clothes. We help you maintain your favorites clothes perfectly.

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